Ruby St Ledger

Project Assistant

Ruby St Ledger

At the Lab, our Project Assistant Ruby is an enthusiastic problem-solver and critical-thinker, with a relentless appetite for expanding her knowledge and skills. The team at the Lab love her eye for grammatical fluidity and ability to adapt to any situation or setting. Secretly, Ruby always thought she’d be a foreign correspondent. As it turns out, tackling development policy from behind the cameras is more her forte. When she’s not working at the Lab, you’ll find Ruby scoping out Canberra’s best brunch spots, or looking for any excuse to go down the coast.

In addition to a career in international development, Ruby is currently studying a Bachelor of International Security Studies, minoring in Peace and Conflict, and a Bachelor of Development Studies, minoring in Political Science, with keen interest in refugee policy and Australia’s relationship with its Pacific neighbours. She was previously an intern at the Australian Institute of International Affairs, in the roles of Australian Outlook Assistant Editor and Book Review Coordinator.

Ruby has honed her technical and analytical skills working as Bridi’s executive officer and collaborating across the Lab’s endeavours. Her innovative ideas are critical for the progression of the Lab’s work, and she has proven to be an exceptional sounding board for her colleagues. Whether it’s on the Intel, Pulse Check or any other project, Ruby’s input is always highly valued.

Areas of Expertise

  • How development and security intersect  
  • Development in the Asia Pacific
  • Traditional and non-traditional security issues
  • Refugee and asylum seeker rights and policy  
  • Nuclear deterrence and the security dilemma

Recent Commentary

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