Anna Van Vliet

Editorial Assistant

At the Lab, our Editorial Assistant is a copywriting extraordinaire whose eye for graphic design is an invaluable asset. The team at the Lab love Anna’s research skills, flair for writing and knack for communications and organisation. Secretly, Anna always thought she’d be an events manager, fashion designer or full-time backyard cricketer. As it turns out, working at the Lab fuels her passion for social change and meaningful relationships much more. When she’s not working at the Lab, you’ll find Anna anywhere near the beach, op-shopping, or playing devil’s advocate in deep philosophical debates with friends.
In addition to a career in international development, Anna is in her final year of a Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics and a Bachelor of Development Studies specialising in Indigenous Studies and Anthropology at the ANU. She pursues her passion for international development and aid through her academic studies as well as various volunteering roles both at home and abroad.
Anna has honed her editorial, analysis and communication skills as a powerhouse behind The Intel and other Lab publications. If you’ve read, or written for, The Intel, you have Anna’s outstanding organisational skills to thank. She has a legendary ability to organise by Excel, a keen eye for design in crafting the Lab’s digital content with our production team and is known for always asking the right questions. She also recently undertook a research internship with us, diving into the critical trends and influences for Australia’s international development approach. Anna’s research is a must-read or ask her to give you a readout.
Contact Anna if you want to talk about:
• International development policy
• Global megatrends impacting development
• Media & communications
• Indigenous studies & anthropology

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