A new development policy is imminent, the Lab asks 50+ regional experts as well as
50+ Australian experts what critical choices they'd make.

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Pulse Check | Development Strategy

For the first time in Australian development history, 50+ Australia-based experts and 50+ regional experts have come together to offer their insights on the top questions facing the Australian Government as it puts pen to paper on the new international development policy.

To carry out this survey, the Lab used a unique points allocation methodology to crunch these experts’ responses into its Pulse Check | Development Strategy. Across the results, the team at the Lab saw five big challenges emerge. And they’re challenges not only because their impacts are already fundamentally changing the region we work in, but because our expert cohorts were entirely unconvinced that Australia’s approach to date has been the right one.

This report details the five big disruptions the Government — and indeed every development organisation and professional — will need to grapple with. In addition to the Pulse Check | Development Strategy report, the Lab has put together our own take on the results, and what we think the Government needs to address to get the most impact from the development program in the region.

Ultimately, Government now faces the tough task of choosing what matters most and setting an ambitious new direction for Australian development. Over the next few months, the Lab will be working with Government and Pulse Check respondents to debate solutions to the challenges raised in this report. There’s no doubt that these solutions will need more political will, more coordination, and more ambition than previously seen.

The participants

50+ Australia-based experts

50+ regional experts

Alexandre Dayant The Lowy Institute | Matt Darvas Micah | Sandra Kraushaar The Asia Foundation | Tamas Wells The University of Melbourne | Mat Tinkler Save the Children | Lisa Denney Latrobe University | Susan G Harris Rimmer Griffith University | Joanne Wallis University of Adelaide | Belinda Lucas Learning for Development | John Morley Plan International | Ben Day ANU | Allan Behm The Australia Institute | Jenny Gordon The Lowy Institute | Michael Wilson Ewater | Morten Pedersen ANU | Oliver White Fred Hollows Foundation | Martina Zapf Institute for State Effectiveness | Jessica Mackenzie ACFID | Anna Gibert Independent | Fiona Tarpey PhD Candidate | Peter Yates The Asia Foundation | Helen Evans The Nossal Institute for Global Health University of Melbourne | Stuart Schaefer DT Global | Robert Glasser ASPI | Cameron Hill Development Policy Centre ANU | Joanne Choe DT Global | Richard Maude Asia Society Australia and ANU | Richard Moore Development Intelligence Lab | Tom Sloan Sustineo | Susanne Legena Plan International | Steve Hogg Practitioner | Jocelyn Condon ACFID | Sam Chittick The Asia Foundation | Anthea Mulakala The Asia Foundation | Beth Eggleston Humanitarian Advisory Group | Tess Newton Cain Griffith Asia Institute | Geoff Adlide Practitioner | Alice Ridge IWDA | Thenu Herath Oaktree | Ali Gillies ANU | Ashlee Betteridge Better Things Consulting | Helen Szoke Non-Executive Director | Farheen Khurrum The Palladium Group | Chris Roche Latrobe University | Melissa Conley Tyler AP4D | Alwyn Chilver The Palladium Group | Robyn Alders ANU | Roland Rajah The Lowy Institute | Graham Teskey Abt Associates | Susannah Patton The Lowy Institute | Kearrin Sims JCU | Titon Mitra UNDP | Dane Moores Settlement Services International | Jo Hall Independent | Linda Kelly Latrobe University | Terence Wood Devpol

Lorraine Asmann PNG | Kiji Faktaufon | Apai Rokotuni Fiji | Eve Aihunu Solomon Islands | Abitara Tekeke Kiribati | Patricia Netzler-Lagaaia Samoa | Lorissa Hazelman Fiji | Katarina Atalifo Fiji | Iris Low | Eurico Ediana da Costa Timor-Leste | Elsa Pinto Timor-Leste | Luke Petai | Tautalaaso Taule’alo Samoa | Buddhi Kunwar | Illiesa Lutu | Tarusila Bradburgh | Peni Tawake | Sharon Bagwhan Rolls | Mili Iga | Peni Suveinakama | Angela Thomas | Mereia Fong | Mereia Volavola | Lavenia Rokovucago | Brenda Andrias | Teekoa Iuta | Vika Ekalestari | Taiko Lalo | Junita Goma | Grace Heaoa | Rosalie Nongebatu | Nadia Febriana Muhidin | Robert Herdiyanto | Shirley Tokon | Adi Suryadini | Abilio Araujo | Tonette Mangrobang | Yulianto Kurniawan | Hayley West | Fremden Yanhambath Vanuatu | Ellis Silas Vanuatu | Harrison Selmen Vanuatu | Warren Gama Vanuatu | Mereani Rokotuibau Fiji | Jennifer Kalpokas Doan Vanuatu | Vani Nailumu Fiji | Epeli Tinvata Vanuatu | Wilson Toa Vanuatu | Howard Aru Vanuatu | Adela Issachar Aru Vanuatu | Dr Gregoire Nimbtik | Ruth Seketa

Explore the Pulse Check | Development Strategy

Pulse Check | Development Strategy
Full report
The full results of the Pulse Check, including the major trends that will affect development in the region.
Pulse Check | Policymaker's Brief
The Lab's take
Our top take aways from these five months of research, along with a roadmap for Government.
Pulse Check | First Impressions
Initial findings
Revisit the Lab's initial impressions as we worked through the data from the Pulse Check in November 2022.

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