Dr Mike Green x The main game for Australian development is development, not building influence

Has Australian aid become too embroiled in geostrategic competition? We take you behind the scenes of a Lab hosted debate, with Dr Mike Green, CEO of the US Studies Centre, and Senior Advisor and Kissinger Chair in Strategy at CSIS. Mike lays out his geostrategic rationale for why Australian development should focus primarily on shoring up the long-term vibrancy of open, inclusive and accountable states in our region.

If you want to read more about the topic of this episode, here’s where to look:

Professor Hugh White’s piece on The Intel, ‘Using the aid program for geostrategic competition: good, bad or indifferent?’ - https://www.devintelligencelab.com/intel/23june2022

Lab Head of Analysis and Engagement Heather Murphy’s presentation at the Australasian Aid Conference 2023, ‘Transactional or transformational? Navigating the competing purposes of Australia’s aid program’ - https://devpolicy.org/2023-Australasian-AID-Conference/AAC2023_Panel1e_Murphy.pdf

Lab CEO Bridi Rice’s episode on Australia in the World podcast, ‘Australia’s international development policy’ - https://australiaintheworld.podbean.com/e/ep-116-australia-s-international-development-policy/

Development policy Centre Senior Research Officer Cameron Hill’s piece on the Dev Policy Blog ‘A new aid strategy: purpose, priorities, and plumbing’ - https://devpolicy.org/a-new-aid-strategy-purpose-priorities-and-plumbing-20221012/

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