Dr Darren Lim x Australia’s Reassessment of Economic Interdependence with China

How can Australian policymakers untangle the intricate threads of the nation's relationship with China? With Dr. Darren Lim, Senior Lecturer at the ANU, we discuss his piece on ‘Australia’s Reassessment of Economic Interdependence with China.’ Darren navigates the convergence of economics, national security, and geopolitics, shedding light on Australia's evolving statecraft while emphasising the significance of development cooperation in the region.

Finally, Darren pitches his ideas to policymakers, including to Senator the Hon Penny Wong, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Senator the Hon Don Farrell, Minister for Trade and Tourism, and the Hon Pat Conroy MP, Minister for International Development and the Pacific.

Read Darren’s piece here: https://www.nbr.org/publication/australias-reassessment-of-economic-interdependence-with-china/

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