Special Episode: Anka Lee Situation Room Address

Recent events have put aid, China and the Indo-Pacific squarely on the map for many Australians. So there was no better a time for The Lab to host Anka Lee, USAID’s acting Deputy Assistant Administrator and Senior Advisor for the PRC, at our Situation Room just last week. He was in Australia on behalf of USAID who are creating a policy on countering China’s growing influence.

The Situation Room is a Chatham-house style discussion among industry professionals, foreign policy experts and development leaders. However, Anka’s opening address was too good not to share. With his permission, join the Lab’s own Bridi Rice as we share Anka’s opening remarks and unpack what that means for Australia.

He dives into the challenges that USAID is trying to solve when it comes to China and development, and what principles they’ll take into developing a response. Bridi tackles what all of this means for Australia and how our own narratives determine where to from here.

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